Wolfpack Robotics is the Robotics team of Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove. Founded in 2011, Wolfpack Robotics has a mission to spread awareness of STEM fields to the students not only from Cosumnes Oaks, but across the region.


US FIRST, founded in the 1980's by inventor Dean Kamen, inspires students from around the world to marvel in the wonders of STEM areas of study. Today FIRST boasts a family of 4 comprehensive programs, the highest of which is the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Wolfpack Robotics has built a hand!!!

Faissal trying on the new hand

Wolfpack Robotics has built a young boy named Faissal a hand! Find out more about this wonderful project by clicking the link above.

Wolfpack Robotics is this Year's Calgames Champion!!!


Wolfpack Robotics is this year's Calgames champion. The Calgames is an offseason event that takes place in San Jose at Lynbrook High School. Our team was ranked 2nd in the qualifications and got to pick our amazing alliances partners, the Warriorborgs, and the Apes of Wrath. The finals was very close coming down to a final game that we won by a mere two points. Go Wolfpack!! Click the link above for a video of our final match.

Wolfpack Robotics is building a hand!!!

Cyborg Beast Hand

As part of a new outreach project, wolfpack robotics is 3-D printing a hand. The hand will allow a child who lacks many fingers, to grasp items as one normally would. More information will be available as the project progresses and images of the completed hand will be posted when it is completed. The above image is a picture of the model that we plan on using for creating this prosthetic. This is our first major outreach project and once we have a few more under our belt, the outreach section of the website will be updated with all our latest accomplishments.